Treatise on Gemmotherapy (ENG)

Treatise on Gemmotherapy (ENG)

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Auteur: Andrianne Philippe
Thématique: Gemmothérapie
Nombre de pages: 376
Langue: Anglais
Dimensions: 19,5 x 22 cm
EAN: 9782875520128

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Men have to learn from trees in the conduct of their lives. If man is interested in the profound nature of the tree, it will in turn, not only by analogy, open the way to his own understanding of human nature, but also always bring us back to ourselves and to the essential! Gemmotherapy, also called "Medicine of the buds" forms a part of phytotherapy still largely unknown to the public due to lack of accessible publications on the subject.

This treatise shows the many similarities between a tree and a human being: embryologic, symbolic and energetic but also physiologic and therapeutic. It summarizes the known medicinal properties of each bud. To do this, a computerized compilation of all the properties mentioned in literature was undertaken based on the reference publications in gemmotherapy. 

This computerized tool allows to theoretically associate several buds to determine the most effective combination for the organism. This opens perspectives for the development of integrated gemmotherapy: the combination of different bud extracts with each other, with nutrients and with various extracts.

May this synthesis work contribute to the development of gemmotherapy that will be part of the medicines of the Third Millennium.