Your Anti-Candida Aromatic Program (ENG)

Your Anti-Candida Aromatic Program (ENG)

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Auteur: Ellert Cécile
Dimensions: 14 x 22,5 cm
Langue: Anglais
Nombre de pages: 240
Support: Papier
Thématique: Aromathérapie / Nutrition
EAN: 9782875520548

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30-day money-back guarantee
Shipping: 2-3 Business Days

If you suffer from a mysterious health issue that nobody seems to understand (everything is in your head anyways), not only will this program give you answers, but natural and efficient tools to finally feel better, thanks to the powers of essential oils.

Today, everyone knows that repairing the gut is the answer to a lot of imbalances, most of them all stemming from what we call chronic candidosis, a chronic yeast overgrowth that keeps you from feeling yourself whatever you do.

You have here a completely unique, natural and efficient approach that includes your grocery list, gourmet recipes from all over the world, antifungal and detoxifying supplements, aromatic protocols that complement the diet and ease both physical and emotional detox process and numerous drug-free answers to your die off symptoms.

In addition, you’ll find pages aiming at customizing the program according to your special needs: autism, ADHD, IBS, vegetarians.

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