Belgian publishing house created in 1996, presided over by Benoît de Patoul, recognized and renowned today for the content of his works, which are original works.

As the founders of Editions Amyris like to point out, the bottom line is the Fund. That is to say, this set of manuscripts discovered, collected and published with the conviction that they are entitled to duration. Rather than wanting to bring out novelty after novelty, Editions Amyris takes the opposite of this editorial fashion. Editions Amyris intends to keep all its collections alive and up-to-date. We publish reference works and do not hesitate to publish updates.

Today and tomorrow, Editions Amyris will stand out for the competence of its authors and the content of its books at the forefront of health research. Our strong convictions lead us to argue that the disease is above all an imbalance. We therefore advocate intelligent prevention and holistic medicine with a holistic approach to the patient. Through our books, we support the empowerment of all individuals with regard to their health and illness.

Our books are aimed at demanding people, whether they are the general public or specialists.

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