To kiss or Not To Kiss (ENG)

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Auteur: Bonner Mark
Dimensions: 14 x 22,5 cm
Langue: Anglais
Nombre de pages: 288
Support: Papier

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This book on periodontitis is the fruit of the experience of one man, research scientist and dentist, on a quest to discover the bacteria and parasites that colonize the mouth.

Mark Bonner blames the painful ignorance of people suffering from this insidious infection. Using a revolutionary and scientifically-sound method described passionately, he demonstrates that smiles and solid teeth can be brought back. It’s essential for modern dental surgeons to become “mouth doctors” once again given that tooth loss is not a fatality.

This book targets the general public, its well-being depends on it, and all dental therapists who want to heal their patients. It provokes thinking and wins people over with its infectious good spirits and need to convince. This book is straightforward, witty, delectable and spontaneous, and can be read by all with great enthusiasm.